1st Annual TAGGS Professional Conference

CHICAGO, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Geek Therapy and The Bodhana Group are excited to announce the first annual Therapeutic and Applied Geek and Gaming Summit (TAGGS), a live professional conference celebrating the world of helping professionals and educators who use Geek and Gaming culture in their work. These are experts in their fields who combine Geek and Gaming culture with traditional and research-driven modalities.

Examples include: 

  • Mental health counselors using video games with clients.
  • Substance abuse treatment specialists using film metaphors.
  • Teachers using comic books to teach history.
  • Therapists using tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.

Many helping professionals and educators who use Geek and Gaming culture have presented their work at professional and pop culture conferences around the world, and we thought it was time to have our own.

We acknowledge the wealth of professionals engaging in this work and the unique approaches they offer. It is vitally important to this emergent field to create an event promoting discussion and sharing of ideas to propel the field forward.

TAGGS is founded on the principle that any professional—whether a therapist, psychologist, medical professional, direct care worker, community support professional, educator, or advocate— has knowledge, insights, and expertise to share. Fittingly the theme of the inaugural event is “Community: Everyone has a Seat at the Table.”

When we make space to share knowledge and experience with each other, we have the opportunity to become more well-rounded and better at our craft. In this spirit, TAGGS encourages therapists to learn from teachers, teachers to learn from doctors, doctors to learn from advocates, and us all to learn from, geek out, and play games with each other.

Presenters from various helping and educational professions will be at the conference to share how different aspects of the geek world can help people learn and grow. Some TAGGS presenters and organizations include Larry Hama, Buzz Dixon, Christy Marx, Dr. Ali Mattu, Dr. Janina Scarlet, Dr. Patrick O’Connor, Dr. Steven Kuniak, MommaFoxFire, Our Family Plays Games, Game to Grow, Jack Berkenstock, Jr., and Josué Cardona.

TAGGS will be held virtually over the weekend of April 9-11, 2021.

Ticket prices are:

  • 3-Day Live Pass – $50
  • Media Pass – $40
  • 3-Day Pass + Media Pass – $75

A 3-Day Live Pass provides access to all events during TAGGS. A Media Pass provides access to recordings of all keynotes and presentations from the event for one year. The number of recordings will depend on the number of events, successful recording, and presenter authorization. Student discounts are available upon request, with proof of enrollment.

TAGGS is a collaboration between the nonprofit organizations Geek Therapy and The Bodhana Group. All proceeds from the event, after operating costs, will support these organizations.

Contact:  Josué Cardona or Jack Berkenstock Jr.
Geek Therapy & The Bodhana Group          

Phone Number:  312-809-6518

SOURCE Geek Therapy; The Bodhana Group