3D Generative AI for Every Creator

Masterpiece X – Generate is a complete “text-to-3D” 
playground designed for rapid exploration & prototyping – built in
collaboration with NVIDIA. 
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SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Masterpiece Studio today announced the release of Masterpiece X – Generate, a generative AI for creating 3D models from text. With a simple text prompt, users can generate 3D models that are textured and animated without requiring any background in 3D modeling.

With Masterpiece X – Generate, there’s no need for additional hardware, complex software, years of training, or countless hours scrubbing through tutorials: Masterpiece X – Generate is a creative co-pilot for all designer needs.

Masterpiece Studio has collaborated with NVIDIA to drive widespread adoption of 3D creation by combining its proprietary AI process with NVIDIA Picasso, a simple, GPU-optimized inferencing and API-as-a-service workflow for visual design AI models.

“For many years, we have been strong believers that AI would be a game-changer for how 3D is made. By removing the complexity of 3D, everyone will gain the power to create. This is the start of a major shift in how we all create in 3D,” says Jonathan Gagne, the Founder & CEO of Masterpiece Studio.

Masterpiece X – Generate helps create characters with rich textures and animations, animals, or even objects – making it perfect for game environment props or early concepts.

There’s no need to be a prompt engineer – all that’s needed is a keyboard, a browser, a little imagination – and just a few words.

Generative AI promises to unlock new opportunities in 3D content creation for millions of artists, designers, and gamers,” said Jason Paul, vice president of GeForce platform marketing at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA Picasso’s GPU-accelerated infrastructure enables Masterpiece Studio to quickly scale AI inferencing to serve this large and growing market.

Masterpiece X – Generate truly empowers and enables every creative to skip the hard parts of 3D creation by:

  • breaking free of limits like hardware, software, or skill
  • cutting costs (time, money, and effort) involved in creating concepts
  • rapidly iterating on ideas, and
  • using an intuitive step-by-step process to enable ideas to come to life.

All generated models are compatible with popular apps & game engines like Blender, Unity, and Unreal Engine.

Creators can further edit any part of their generated model (shape, paint, or animation) using Masterpiece X for Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro headsets.

Allowing creators to seamlessly move from generating with a creative copilot into a completely immersive editing environment is very unique. Unlike other complex software, immersive editing is very intuitive, making it easy to jump right in and make changes that reflect your creative vision,” says Gagne.

Masterpiece X gives creators complete control over their generated assets, starting with the ability to keep them private or share them publicly with the community-owned Library.

Masterpiece X – Generate is the easiest way to create full 3D objects from text.

Create an account now and claim a bonus of 250 credits to start generating 3D!

Learn more at www.masterpiecex.com.

About Masterpiece Studio

Masterpiece Studio’s vision is to make 3D effortless.

Over the last 8+ years, their innovative work has been recognized for pushing the limits of 3D creation software.

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