Is The Best MLB Baseball Handicapper

Dr. Bob Akmens now has 46 #1-finishes in national MLB Baseball handicapping contests

WAUCHULA, Fla., June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — and their founder & CEO, Dr. Bob Akmens, are on a roll to remember this MLB Baseball season.

Over the 46 years they’ve been America’s premier sports information provider, has had tens of thousands of clients, for whom they’ve made hundreds of millions of dollars in profits, betting their sports picks.

In the prestigious TSM MLB Baseball Handicapping Contest, just had a record-shattering month.  They earned their thousands of clients $22,080 in the Net Profit Won category. The runner-up had $8,256. generated so many net winners for their clients that they almost tripled the profit of anyone else. has current documented winning runs in MLB Baseball of 16 wins and 4 losses in their last 20 picks; 31-14 in the last 45; 46-20 in the last 66; and 77-37 in their last 114 MLB Baseball releases.

All of their MLB Baseball clients are making serious money.

So far, 38 states have legalized sports betting.

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Simply put, sports betting is a great way to make money, while having fun daily.

That’s assuming that the bettor wins more than they lose.  Which is something the clients of have been doing since 1978.

In 2022 they shocked the sports betting world by running up a Net Profit Won figure of $135,970, more than tripling the runner-up’s profit of $37,630.  This is an all-time record in any Las Vegas handicapping contest. has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, Yahoo Sports, The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch site, and many other top media outlets. (then owned by the New York Times) gave them perhaps the greatest review any sports handicapper has ever gotten.  One quote sums up their review: “No other handicapper can match Akmens in terms of winning on a consistent level.” expects to continue to make record-shattering profits for their clients for many years to come.

They’re now integrating the latest Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) generative models into their predictive computer algorithms to come up with the most probable winners in all major college & pro sporting events. has an unrivaled network of inside informants who provide them with non-public information. The primary reason continues to lead and win national handicapping contests is they know how to look beyond the numbers they crunch.  They have the ability to understand how human factors like revenge and the personal problems of the players impact the outcome of sports events.

With more than 80% of their annual business coming from their yearly all-sports package of picks, they surely are doing something right for all those who follow them. invites everyone who wants to make substantial profits betting sports to come aboard and enjoy the thrill of winning instead of the agony of defeat.


Dr. Bob Akmens