Bitmagic Announces Strategic Pivot and New Leadership; Transitions from Role-Playing Games to Game Creation for All

HELSINKI, Finland, Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Roleverse, a company previously working on its debut role-playing game, today announced a transformative shift in its business model, strategy, and branding. Effective immediately, the company will operate under its new name, Bitmagic, and will concentrate on enabling anyone to create games by simply typing out their visions. Jani Penttinen, co-founder and former CTO with 30 years of game development experience, has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer. Markus Kiukkonen, a co-founder and former head of EA Finland, has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

A Pioneering Approach to Game Development

Bitmagic’s innovative platform uses cutting-edge natural language processing and artificial intelligence to make game creation a reality for everyone. “Bitmagic is all about turning imagination into gameplay. You simply type what you envision, and our platform does the rest,” said Jani Penttinen, CEO of Bitmagic.

Seasoned Leadership for a Transformative Journey

Jani Penttinen, who brings a rich 30-year history of game development to the table, is ideally positioned to lead the company through this strategic pivot. “Roleverse gave us incredible insights into role-playing games. Now, as Bitmagic, we are breaking down the barriers to game creation. I am thrilled to lead this revolutionary venture,” said Penttinen.

Markus Kiukkonen, a seasoned veteran in the gaming industry and former head of EA Finland, has been promoted to the role of COO to help steer Bitmagic’s new direction. “I’m excited to bring my operational experience to a project with such groundbreaking potential,” stated Kiukkonen.

A Tagline that Speaks Volumes

In line with its new focus, Bitmagic has also unveiled a fresh tagline: “Imagine Games.” This phrase perfectly encapsulates the company’s new mission, underscoring the notion that anyone’s imagination can be the springboard for a new game.

About Bitmagic

Bitmagic is a technology company focused on reshaping how games are created and experienced. With the aid of modern natural language processing and artificial intelligence, the platform makes game creation as straightforward as typing a description. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Bitmagic is on a mission to democratize game development and usher in a new era of interactive entertainment. Bitmagic’s strength is a unique combination of game development expertise and seasoned technology and AI talent. 

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