Celebrity Choreographer Taja Riley Goes Rogue for Royalties with the Launch of “Slaymate,” The Provocative MV Game for Choreographers on OnlyFans

LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Choreographer and self-described multi-media recording artist, Taja Riley, has a resume that reads like a Billboard top 100s list and is one of the industry’s top principal lead dancers/choreographers and teachers in the business. As an advocate for equity in the dance community, this architect of motion wants to normalize performative content ownership, and paid royalties for creatives choreographed content. In an effort to change the narrative, Riley has come to slay the world of dance with the launch of her original showgirls dance series “SLAYMATE,” which officially went live May 16 on the OnlyFans Platform.

SLAYMATE is a Digital Game Show created to support the concept of music and dance artists coming together to support equity for Choreographers. Set in the theme of a comic-style musical video game, the “Slaymate” OnlyFans will stream monthly live shows that feature the work of your favorite Industry Choreographers collaborating with music artists and presented through its Star Showgirl, Slaymate, and curator TAJA RILEY aka “T.K.O”. (The Knockout)

Advocacy for dancers has always played an important role for Riley. The “Slaymate” creator wanted to find a way for dancers to control their narratives, content, and monetization of their brands, while keeping ownership of their creative stock, which is why she made the move to OnlyFans. The content subscription platform allows creators to monetize their original works and provides an inclusive platform for Riley to amplify the need for equity in the industry.

“Choreographers don’t have a system in place to get paid royalties from their work as producers and singer/songwriters do in this business,” she explains. “It’s hard enough for dancers to get paid scale when they appear in a video, let alone get creative credit or royalties for a signature move or style. I was inspired to learn that Fatima, an African -American woman was the only choreographer to ever receive a point on an album for her work, and that was only because Michael Jackson insisted. I think if more dancers knew this was even remotely a possibility then it would normalize giving choreographers their credit, and more importantly the royalties for creating art.”

A $5.00 subscription will gain users 30 days of all access to the exclusive content. The monthly shows begin June 14th and will feature 25 minutes of live performances, music and dance segments on the OnlyFans Platform. The end of the “Slaymate series, will release MULTIMEDIA book versions of all 6 Epi-shows, to be sold as NFT’S through an Exclusive Auction. Follow the link to subscribe https://onlyfans.com/slaymate?rec=143436736

Taja Riley is working to change the narratives for motion artists and start conversations geared toward ownership for physical creatives. Currently, Taja is staying busy behind the scenes with recently wrapped projects including Justine Skyy, Morris Day, Trinidad James, and SZA to name a few.

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