CoCoPIE Launches Industry-First, Cross-Platform Real-Time Super-Resolution (CRSR) Technology for Upscaling Low Res Videos on the Fly

Businesses can save bandwidth and enhance video quality on smartphones with no delay

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CoCoPIE, the software startup that develops AI optimization and acceleration technology for mobile and IoT devices, today launched Cross-platform Real-time Super-Resolution (CRSR) — a first-of-its-kind technology that improves user experience and saves network bandwidth by transforming low-resolution videos into high-resolution in real-time on various handheld devices.

High-resolution videos are difficult to access with poor network connection, take up an exuberant amount of network bandwidth, burden users with a limited data plan, and are costly for video streaming providers. CRSR solves these challenges for both businesses and consumers.

Through CoCoPIE’s deep learning optimization technology, CRSR alters low-resolution video on smartphones or other devices by increasing the resolution of the video frames. For the first time, this cross-platform technique improves the video super-resolution speed from several frames per second to over 30 frames per second, materializing real-time super-resolution on smartphones of various kinds. This solution works even if users have poor network connections, effectively democratizing access to quality video streaming across the world.

Before this technology, super-resolution was possible only on large servers or special high-end smartphones. CRSR delivers high-resolution videos on almost all phones, including low-end ones.

CRSR runs on CoCoPIE’s proprietary AI optimization technology, compression-compilation co-design. At the center of the technique is a highly optimized Deep Neural Network (DNN), which takes low-resolution images as inputs, and outputs high-resolution copies. CoCoPIE’s technology differentiates itself from other solutions by minimizing the Neural Network size while maximizing the quality and speed across platforms through an AI co-design technology.

"Businesses can significantly improve their customers’ streaming experience by enhancing their products with this technology," said Dr. Xiao-Feng Li, Co-founder, and CEO of CoCoPIE. "Smartphones are an essential part of consumers’ everyday lives, and we can now service users no matter what device they stream from, while reducing costs and improving competitive advantages for the business. Our video solution will help ensure the best experience for consumers, no matter their location."

For subscription-based content providers, the potential cost reduction of partnering with CoCoPIE is massive. For example, a popular streaming service that supports over 300 million hours of video streaming in a single month has the potential to save three-quarters of its network cost (up to $48 million per month) when upscaling its videos with CRSR.

CoCoPIE is working with its global partners to deploy the technology on consumer devices. For free trials or more information, please visit

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