Creative Content Studio BIG TROUBLE Brings Decades of Games Industry Experience in an Award-Winning Creative Team

Swears Blood Oath to Connect Gaming Brands with their Audience

SEATTLE, June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today marks the launch of BIG TROUBLE, the gaming-focused division of Seattle-based creative agency COLOR. Their mission: create authentic games marketing content fluent in languages unique to gaming audiences and subcultures. With a diverse team of former indie devs, film school miscreants, and AAA veterans, BIG TROUBLE aims to set itself apart from larger, more top-heavy agencies by focusing on a small, curated team with deep ties to the industry and first-hand appreciation for gaming communities of all kinds. This intimate and personal connection has helped the group develop tight and lasting relationships with marketing teams at Xbox, Pokémon, and SEGA, and has enabled them to create content that understands that the gaming audience is not a monolith.

Big Trouble’s work can be seen here.

BIG TROUBLE’s Executive Director, Chad Cobain, previously led the in-house creative services team at 343 Industries to promote the Halo franchise. His experiences there confirmed that larger creative agencies often lack a genuine affinity for gaming as a whole, let alone individual titles, limiting their ability to connect with a given brand’s audience. “When you’re not invested in what it is to be a fan, it’s difficult to create authentic content that connects with those fans,” he said. “It’s why creator and user-generated content does so well for brands,” adding that “BIG TROUBLE is uniquely positioned to connect with that audience because we are that audience.”

The BIG TROUBLE team has a range of marketing content for AAA titles under its belt, including the likes of Minecraft, Pokémon Unite, Halo, and the Like a Dragon franchise. Their capabilities run the gamut of creative service offerings: design, motion, 3D, game capture, live-action production, and video editorial (as evidenced by a gallery’s worth of gameplay trailers), 3D TV spots, dev diaries, game key art, and the occasional TikTok.

BIG TROUBLE’s efficient size and high agility allows the team to quickly adjust to client needs and stay ahead of ever-shifting trends. Not by chance, this leads to close collaboration with clients, highly bespoke creative, and a more personal approach to account management. Jordan Lofgren, BIG TROUBLE’s Creative Director, emphasized the point, “The team you work with is the team whose creative you greenlit in the first place. There’s a good chance one of us is going to have a (sometimes alarming) affinity for the subject matter. If not, the first thing we do is start forming one. Keeping the same small team makes that connection stronger and the work better.”

Their clients agree, citing BIG TROUBLE’s tailored service and thoughtful creative. “Every step of every project is filled with creativity, positivity, and some of the most organized, responsive, and reliable communication and solutions I’ve experienced,” said Tina Amini, Director of Xbox Programming. “It is both a joy and often a relief to be paired up with this team of creatives and problem solvers. My team and I are always happy to put our confidence and trust in them.”

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BIG TROUBLE is a cabal of creative mutants wielding soul-deep videogame obsessions to create content that speaks to players in their native tongue and gets their nichest niche.

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