Critically Acclaimed Indie Adventure Game ‘Sumire’ Now on Sale, 34% Off

TOKYO, Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Developer GameTomo today announces a limited time 34% discount and new content for its hit one-day adventure game, Sumire, available on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Sumire, which scored an 86 on Metacritic for the Switch version, tells the story of one character trying to live one perfect day before the day ends and the sky turns to twilight.

The new update features a brand new trailer:

The update is available for free to all previous players, and features a complete translation to French and Chinese (both traditional and simple) in addition to English and Japanese, a new card game mode that allows you to play Bo’s Battle game against a series of characters, and various other fixes and improvements.

To coincide with the new update, a 34% discount will be available on both Nintendo e-Shop and Steam, and GameTomo will also release a series of new Steam Point Shop items.

Sumire was released in May 2021 to rave reviews, with critics calling it deeply affecting, heartbreaking, and powerful. The game features vibrant visuals, quirky characters, interesting quests and irreversible choices, all in a gorgeous, colorful world.

Sumire Key Features

  • Make a wish come true by completing a series of quests before night falls
  • Experience a world where magic replaces the mundane
  • Sumire’s adventure takes place over the course of a single day
  • Unlock multiple endings determined by words, actions, and karma
  • Explore a small town, forest shrines, and more, all rendered in an artistic watercolor style
  • A relaxing original soundtrack, created by Japanese duo TOW, changes with the day’s events
  • Discover collectibles, bonus items, tests of skill, and hidden challenges

Please find assets for Sumire below:

Sumire is now available for Switch and PC via Steam for $14.99 with an additional 34% discount to $9.89. The discount will last until  September 30th (October 7th for Switch). The game’s soundtrack and artbook are also available on Steam for $5.99 and $3.99 respectively or for a discounted $15.90 as a bundle with the game. To keep up to date with all the latest information on the game, please follow us on Twitter, subscribe to us on YouTube, like us on Facebook, and visit our website.

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About GameTomo
GameTomo is an indie game company based in Tokyo that works with studios around the world to develop, localize, and publish titles for the Japanese market. The firm has worked on such preeminent indie games as Cuphead, Superhot, and Lost Ember and is currently working on Nimbus Infinity, the high-speed mech action follow-up to 2017’s Project Nimbus. GameTomo’s newest release, story-driven adventure Sumire, is now available for Switch and PC via Steam.


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