ExitLag Partners With ArcheWorld to Bring Players a Lag-Free Gaming Experience

ExitLag also partnered with ArcheWorld developer, XLGAMES, to give ArcheWorld players low latency, increased character DPS, and exclusive in-game items.

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ExitLag, an industry-leading online gaming software company, announces today that the company has partnered with ArcheWorld, a blockchain-based version of XLGAMES’ ArcheAge, to bring lag-resistant gameplay to their players. The three-month long partnership also allows players to receive an ExitLag 30-day free trial to combat low latency and experience ArcheWorld like never before.

“All three companies came to the table with the same vision – to offer ArcheWorld players the best experience possible. This partnership has allowed us to increase our customer base and offer players who already use ExitLag an opportunity to redeem more sought after in-game items,” said Pedro Farias, Events and Partnerships Coordinator for ExitLag. “We’re thrilled to be a part of this collaboration and look forward to seeing how each player advances in their journey!”

During the 30-day free trial, players will experience ExitLag’s optimization, multipath technology and more to experience the smoothest gameplay possible and earn exclusive in-game items. Those that continue to use ExitLag in ArcheWorld will earn the Labor Potions (1500) corresponding to the number of months of ExitLag they buy (up to 15).

Players can start their 30-day free trial of ExitLag by visiting the ExitLag + ArcheWorld landing page.

For the latest updates on ExitLag and ArcheWorld’s partnership, visit exitlag.com and follow ExitLag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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ExitLag, a proprietary online gaming software, was created by gamers to level the playing field and provide a better, more competitive gaming experience to users worldwide. Using data trafficking optimization and artificial intelligence, multi-path connections with simultaneous activation guarantee you always have the best connection while gaming.

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