FairTran LLC Releases New Mobile App “Roll of Fortune”

OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — FairTran, LLC, one of the United States’ newest app development companies, announced the release of its newest mobile app game “Roll of Fortune.” Available on iOS and Android devices, this game fills the market need for a game that relates to all ages.

Charlie Collins, creator of “Roll of Fortune” says, “This game is not only fun to play, it is one of the only apps that allows players to create their own games. Which, in turn, can drive customers to your physical store or to buy your products.”

By using the app to create your own game, you are able to offer prizes for the winners of your game. The motivation to win these prizes will bring customers to your store in order to earn “Tokens” and “Golden Tickets” that will give them more chances to win in your game.

“Imagine having a motivational engine at your fingertips and all you need to do is offer prizes and your customers will be instantly incentivized to buy your products,” Mr. Collins says. “Think about your marketing budget. By investing a fraction of that budget towards prizes for your customers and combining it with our game, you will generate excitement for your products not just awareness. Excitement about your products is really where you want to be.”

FairTran offers in-app purchases to the players and game creators but the app does not require any purchases in order to play. “You can play our app for free. You can create a game in our app and invite an unlimited number of players to play it – all for free. If you want to add incentives or tickets, we have inexpensive options via our in-app purchases.”

Professing to be a literal game changer in the app creation world, FairTran decided to focus on creating an app that generates money for its users not just an app that focuses on profitability.  “Groups and businesses small to large can create a free ‘Roll of Fortune’ game that anyone can join and this game has the potential to drive customers to you. Name one app that can do that.”

About FairTran, LLC

FairTran, LLC is based out of Oklahoma City, OK and produces high quality and profitability driven apps.  Launched in 2009, FairTran was recognized as one of the leading transportation data providers and has since focused on app design and creation.  

Please see http://www.rolloffortune.com for more information.

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