From Dueling to Cosplay: Our Sabers Are Perfect for Any Star Wars Enthusiast

SMITHTOWN, N.Y., Jan. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From the moment Luke Skywalker graced the silver screen, the idea of exploring the greater universe and joining the light or dark side of the Force has captivated audiences of all ages for generations. Star Wars fans have long been known for their dedication to cosplay and lightsaber dueling. Now, thanks to technological advancements, finely crafted sabers are taking these fan organizations to new heights, supported by the team at SabersPro.

From the famous San Diego Comic-Con to private parties across the US and beyond, cosplay, or costume play, has always been a popular pastime among Star Wars fans. With all the shared love of recent Disney+ releases like The Mandalorian and Andor, it has only grown in popularity. Fans are now able to create more accurate and detailed costumes than ever before, thanks to the availability of high-quality materials and advanced fabrication techniques. That is where SabersPro comes into play.

“We couldn’t be more excited to support our customers with the opportunity to own a piece of this imaginative universe through our unique saber designs,” said Lev, the co-founder of SabersPro. “From the moment we were inspired to craft collectible sabers, we have balanced the look of this fan favorite property with the needs of the vibrant cosplayers out there in the world.”

But it doesn’t stop with fun costumes and annual meetups. The underground scene of Star Wars dueling clubs has hit the mainstream. These clubs are dedicated to teaching fans the art of lightsaber duels, using techniques from the stage and martial arts to create safe and exciting experiences.

These are like-minded fans coming together to create and study the in-depth world of Star Wars, and they are everywhere. There are dueling clubs in the streets of Paris all the way to the gritty suburbs of NYC.

“Go to any major cosplay event around the world, and you are bound to see a demonstration or booth for a local dueling club,” continues [last name]. “Even the French Fencing Federation now recognizes lightsaber dueling as an official sport. Then you have incredible US-based clubs like The Saber Legion or the Light Saber Academy in Wichita, KS. That is why we created a line of durable sabers – to support these dedicated fans.”

With so much demand from cosplayers and dueling clubs, it only makes sense a company like SabersPro is experiencing an uptick in popularity. These high-quality sabers are perfect for fans from any background, whether they’re looking to engage in epic duels or to complete their cosplay costumes. Customers can choose Baselit or Neopixel cores, and in some cases, the hilt colors, all while experiencing incredible light, sound, and immersive saber effects.

One of the latest sabers built by the team at SabersPro includes the Quantum. This is a unique model with a more minimalistic design that leans into the futuristic features many collectors enjoy. It has a slightly curved grip and inlay accents that elevate any cosplay costume, while using well-known durable materials to ensure dueling enjoyment with every clash of the saber.

The fact is the more the Star Wars universe expands into new properties, stories, and merchandise, the more complex the costumes will become. With Disney now leading the charge for immersive Jedi and Sith experiences, companies like SabersPro should expect to have many fan-fueled years ahead full of innovation and creativity.

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