GameFi Leader, Splinterlands, Surpasses 2 Billion Transactions Milestone

MEDIA, Pa., Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today Splinterlands announced that the company has surpassed the monumental milestone of 2 billion transactions having been made on the platform since the company was founded in 2018. After passing the 3 billion battle threshold in August 2022, this marks another significant indicator in sustainable and rapid growth for the Web 3.0 collectible trading card battle game. According to DappRadar, Splinterlands accounted for 96% of all transactions on Hive, the blockchain that Splinterlands is built upon. Splinterlands is currently experiencing between 3 to 5 million daily transactions.

“It is hard to fathom the immense growth and engagement that we have seen in our community,” said Splinterlands CEO Jesse “Aggroed” Reich. “Two billion transactions is mind blowing. As we look to improve our frictionless onboarding approach as well as the entertainment value of Splinterlands, we look forward to continuing to introduce Splinterlands to new players who have not yet explored blockchain games.”

Significant growth in the blockchain gaming space in 2022 was rarely seen. Despite the volatile cryptocurrency market conditions spanning 2022 and continuing into 2023, Splinterlands continues to see tremendous amounts of new user growth. Splinterlands currently boasts an average daily active user count of over 250,000 players and are seeing over 5 million battles being played on the platform per day.

About Splinterlands:
Founded in 2018 by Reich and Matt Rosen, Splinterlands currently leads the blockchain gaming space, boasting of 2.4M+ registered users and nearly 1M active wallets, and is the source of 3-5M blockchain transactions daily. Embedded in fantasy-themed battle strategies, the game uses Web 3.0 technology to enable players to trade, collect, and win rewards in ways previously unseen in gaming, enhancing user experience and building a robust community. The Splinterlands user base is throughout the world in 149 countries, operates in 10 languages, and is set for rapid expansion throughout 2022.

Liam Labistour


SOURCE Splinterlands