Gaming Studio CONICAL Raises $1.4M Seed Round to Develop Vertical Slice for its Upcoming AAA Action-Adventure Video Game

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Auckland, New Zealand based indie game studio CONICAL today announced it has raised $1.4 million NZD in seed investment led by global investor Konstantin Koos, to develop CONICAL’s upcoming action-adventure videogame titled Fairy Catcher; which combines fantasy genre tropes from The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, bringing forth a creature collection adventure reminiscent of the popular Pok√©mon franchise.

Mr Koos a Best-Selling Author, entrepreneur, and a hard-core gamer is deeply passionate about the metaverse and the world of crypto, with an extensive portfolio of investments in decentralised finance. Beyond investment, Mr Koos has joined CONICAL as a core team member, actively playing a role in the company’s day to day activities.

Alejandro Davila, Director of CONICAL says "this round of funding will be used to showcase our technical capability and a unique gaming experience. Our aim is to use this vertical slice as a demo for publishers and gaming investors by the end of 2022.

Davila, I am really excited to welcome Mr Koos who will be bringing in valuable insights and expertise, a powerful asset to CONICAL’s future.

Mr Davila, a former Young New Zealand Innovator of The Year Finalist, founded CONICAL back in 2016 after creating New Zealand’s first virtual reality movie: ‘The Green Fairy’. The project broke new ground in immersive storytelling and was well received in New Zealand and Internationally.

Fairy Catcher will be an action-adventure RPG videogame that combines magic, exploration, and fast-paced combat.

Players travels back and forth between the human realm & the Fae-lands, aiming to return fairies to their original home-world; but first players will have to battle their way through the whimsical Fae-lands to defeat the tyrant that has invaded the land of the fairies.

Mr Davila says, this round of funding was made possible by bringing onboard Ankit Sehgal who lead the investment strategy and commercials for the fundraising across both equity crowd funding and wholesale investment.

Mr Sehgal has been an avid supporter of CONICAL since its inception in 2016, and has now joined CONICAL by leading the investment and commercialisation of the videogame with the role of Executive Producer.

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