Haste Arcade Will Be Exhibiting a New Way to “Play to Earn” with Instant Leaderboard Payouts at CES 2022

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blockchain and gaming start-up Haste will be exhibiting the Haste Arcade at CES 2022. The recently funded startup will be part of the Bitcoin SV booth at the world’s leading technology conference and will be displaying its revolutionary Instant Leaderboard Payout (ILP) technology.

Says co-founder Keith LaForce, "We were extremely excited when Coingeek and the Bitcoin Association invited us to be a part of the BSV booth. CES is the best tech conference in the world, and we can’t wait to introduce Instant Leaderboard Payouts to the mainstream."

Haste uses blockchain technology to give gamers the ability to earn micropayments by placing on leaderboards for games within the Haste Arcade, the company’s first product. For example, a gamer can spend $0.01 in Bitcoin SV (BSV) to play a game, and if they make the game’s leaderboard, the gamer then earns a percentage of every subsequent gameplay until they are no longer on the leaderboard. Gamers can choose game levels that range from a fraction of a cent to hundreds of dollars per play depending on their spending appetite.

The Haste Arcade’s ILPs offer a new form of "Play to Earn", in the sense that all games within the arcade are skill-based and allow gamers to get better with practice. The arcade also includes a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that allows third-party game developers to implement ILPs into their games. The benefit for the developers is that they get an output from each gameplay, thus introducing a new revenue stream.

Adds LaForce, "Our team has built several of the games in the arcade, but our long-term goal is to have experienced game developers and studios using our SDK within their games. From what we’ve seen so far, ILPs are an incredible engagement tool, and they generate a lot of extra revenue for the game developers."

Haste launched the Haste Arcade in October. The company is backed by gaming industry experts Thomas Vu, the co-head of franchise development at Riot Games, as well as Anthony Borquez, a director of the clinical entrepreneurship program at USC as well as the founder of several gaming companies. Other prominent investors include San Diego-based startup accelerator LogicBoost Labs, and blockchain experts Jack Liu and Unbounded Capital. The company will be part of the Bitcoin SV booth (booth #8941) located in the North Hall of the Las Vegas convention center and will be exhibiting alongside renowned esports organization Built By Gamers. Gamers and blockchain enthusiasts can stop by the booth to play games and win potential prizes from the Haste Arcade.

About Haste

Haste is the parent company of the Haste Arcade, a platform that utilizes blockchain technology to enable people to earn from activities they are already doing. The company is focused on developing additional blockchain-related products with a key focus on utility as opposed to speculative trading.

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Joe DePinto