High Speed Mech Game Nimbus Infinity Enters Early Access on Steam

TOKYO, Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Developer GameTomo announces that the high speed mech action game Nimbus INFINITY has launched into Early Access today. Nimbus INFINITY is the sequel to Project Nimbus, set in the future of a war-torn Earth that has just begun to heal. Equip mechanical Battle Frames with weapons to customize your fighting style, and soar through various battlefields while discovering the story of a new generation of legendary pilots.

The original Project Nimbus found fans across the world on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. Nimbus INFINITY is set to take the franchise to the next level, with a cutting edge combat experience featuring a dazzling array of weapons and armaments, sprawling levels, and an epic storyline.

The game features a next generation Battle Frame named Warspite with customizable load outs, piloted by two star-crossed pilots who, brought together by chance, must save humanity from its own impending destruction.

Nimbus INFINITY is bigger, better, and more action packed than ever. After a long stint of design and production, the team has chosen to release the game into Early Access to gather feedback and build an early community around the game. New missions and modes will continue to be added in the months ahead!

Nimbus Key Features

  • High-speed mech combat.
  • New Battle Frame named Warspite, with a wide variety of weapons and armaments such as handguns, rifles, missiles, cannons, and defensive countermeasures.
  • A variety of new enemy types requiring fighting skill and split second decisions.
  • Variety of new stages, environments, and area gimmicks, ranging from a futuristic Tokyo to distant space colonies.
  • Play as Taiyo, the young delivery boy who is taken to the stars by a chance meeting with a fallen Battle Frame, and Luna, the pilot determined to save humanity.
  • From glittering cities to colonies on the edge of space, you will fight to save Earth from destruction.
  • New bosses, new enemies, and new characters.
  • Game is playable in English with Japanese and Thai subtitles.
  • Bonus Survival Mode lets you battle endless waves of enemies with increasing power.

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About GameCrafterTeam
GameCrafterTeam is a dedicated group of designers, artists and game programmers based in Phuket, Thailand. They love everything mecha and anime, and Project Nimbus was their first major release.

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GameTomo is a team of dedicated indie developers and publishers located in Tokyo, Japan. GameTomo curates best in breed indie titles and hand-picks consequential games appealing to both Western and Asian audiences, and is currently at work on the iOS version of Sumire. Visit them at www.gametomo.co.jp