Idexo and Swords of Blood Announce Hosted NFT Lootbox Sale Taking Place on Wednesday, February 1, 2023

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Idexo and Swords of Blood are pleased to announce that they will launch a new Lootbox NFT Sale on idexo’s hosted platform, taking place on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 starting at 3pm GMT. First access will be given to those holding the Early Adopter Soulbound Token that minted out in just 1 hour and generated nearly 10,000 retweets on Twitter.

Secondary access will be available after 1 hour to those who attempted to mint an Early Adopter SBT and didn’t make it quickly enough. After that, those who join a final whitelist by completing a whitelist form will have access after 2 hours. There will be a guaranteed amount left for all phases to give a chance to everyone to participate.

The Lootbox NFT sale will consist of 3 different types of boxes: Basic Epic Box, Medium Legendary Box and Big Legendary Box, each with different amounts of items on open and progressively greater chances of obtaining legendary items. When a Lootbox is opened it randomly generates a minting of NFT items to the wallet address of the opener. Before a Lootbox is opened, it is itself a tradeable NFT.

A Basic Epic Box contains 5 Legendary 0 items, 2 Legendary 1 items, 600 gold, and 250 gems for only $35.00. A Medium Legendary Box contains 8 Legendary 0 items, 3 Legendary 1 items, 1000 gold, and 350 gems for a discounted price of $45.00. A Big Legendary Box holds 10 Legendary 0 items, 5 Legendary 1 items, 1500 gold, and 600 gems for only $60.00. All items are generated randomly.

The NFT items themselves are 15 different NFT items, with different legendary levels, that are both tradeable and can be used in the Swords of Blood game. Users will be given a chance to buy them all:

  • [Sentinel] Fiend-in-the-Box
  • [Sentinel] Raven’s Omen
  • [Sentinel] Dragon’s Breath
  • [Armor] Mantis Plates
  • [Armor] Ice Walker
  • [Armor] Phoenix Armor
  • [Weapon] War Axe
  • [Weapon] Iron Fury
  • [Weapon] Executioner’s Friend
  • [Back] Prayer Drum
  • [Back] Shield of the Desert
  • [Back] Twisting Sigil
  • [Artifact] Cursed Vial
  • [Artifact] Raven’s Prey
  • [Artifact] Frost Fans

“We are excited to be expanding our partnership with Swords of Blood through the hosting of their Lootbox NFT sale,” says Greg Marlin, CEO/CTO of idexo, “Building on the smash success of their Early Adopter SBT mint, this is the next step as we will also soon be announcing several other upcoming and exciting initiatives. Swords of Blood is positioned to be one of the breakout web3 gaming stories of early 2023 and we are very happy to be playing a part.”

Swords of Blood is a play-to-own game with an epic quest theme. Players go on fast-paced hack’n’slash quests, while also searching for rare items to own and trade. Swords of Blood is based on the lore of Blade Bound, an already successful game that onboarded millions of users.

The items obtained in this Lootbox mint will enable the holder to use the items in the game as skins, armors, weapons, and upgrades.

The Swords of Blood project has already secured $1.6M in VC funding, and has tapped talent with decades of game development experience. The team brings in stars from long-running game franchises like Sim City 2000, Enigmatis, Rainbow Six, Prince of Persia, and Nightmares from the Deep.

“We designed Swords of Blood as a free-to-play RPG to facilitate mainstream adoption by both Web2 and Web3 gamers. The game can be accessed and played without needing to first set-up an external wallet. Through a custodied wallet system the user can get started playing the game and hold all in-game item NFTs or use $SWDTKN without leaving the game, while also having the option to off-ramp their items and tokens to a self-custody wallet at any time,” said James Seaman, CEO of Swords of Blood.

Users looking to participate in this Lootbox NFT sale need to hold an Early Adopter SBT, be on the Queued Waitlist having tried but failed to mint an SBT, or have joined the remaining whitelist by filling the correct form. The Lootbox NFT sale will begin at 3pm UTC on Wednesday, February 1, 2023. For those who miss out on the sale, Lootboxes and generated NFTs are expected to be available on marketplaces for secondary sale shortly thereafter.

Company: idexo
Name: Greg Marlin

City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 8089 1372

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