Idle Angels Roleplaying Game Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Epic Two-week Upgrade

Millions of Users Across the Globe Will Enjoy High-Level Perks and New Features

HANGZHOU, China, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — International game publishing company Mujoy Games is excited to announce a 2-week event in honor of Idle Angels 2nd anniversary, taking place from June 17 through July 1, 2022. During these two weeks, users of the popular idle roleplaying game—which has amassed 4 million players across 20 countries on five continents—will enjoy new features and upgrades that promise to dramatically enhance the game experience.

Over the course of the two-week event, there will be no need for in-app purchases, with users able to enjoy the idle game in fragmented times and reclaim their experience point at their next login. In addition, all players will be given access to the high-end angel card pool which was previously limited to players above level 60, and can collect high-level and limited angels to enjoy the same game experience as high-level users minus the expense. Players who sign in for seven days will receive a SSR+ Angel Loki, and after another seven days will continue to collect rare angel summoning tickets.

During the first seven days of the event, players can easily obtain advanced items and experience points in the new player-versus-player casual game, while over the final seven days the difficulty of the boss challenge and rewards are upgraded simultaneously. Along with exciting changes to the main characters, the 2nd anniversary upgrade event will feature thrilling battles and a new character, Loki—the mysterious and unpredictable God of Mischief in Norse mythology who loves creating shenanigans.

Since its 2020 debut, Idle Angels has been celebrated by millions of roleplaying gamers for its high-quality illustrations of in-game angels, dynamic live 2D animations and character movements, a wide variety of angel choices, character outfit changes, and much more. It features an engaging, otherworldly storyline and epic battles, with more than 100 angels at players’ disposal for cross-platform guild battles against players from across the globe. The game includes a variety of combat gameplay and stress-relieving mini games and satisfy the preferences of all players.

New Idle Angels users can log in and enter gift code ia2ndanniversary to enjoy event benefits, and to receive 2,000 diamonds and two fast battle tickets. Download the game at Google Play or the App Store. Learn more about Mujoy Game at

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