Influence.Inc Opens Trading on Gamer Stock Exchange (GSX)

RALEIGH, N.C., Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Influence.Inc ( opens Initial Persona Offering (IPO) trading on the world’s first stock market-style exchange dedicated to content creators and influencers. Combining the thrill of online sports wagering with the network virality of TikTok and Twitch, Influence.Inc offers a new level of immersive creator-fan interaction. The Influence.Inc platform helps content creators of any tier of influence:

  • Grow their audience, expand their fanbase and reach
  • Develop new ways to monetize content
  • Mitigate the risk of ever-changing social media platform algorithms

At its core, Influence.Inc is a real-time exchange (think: NYSE) offering indexes based on different communities/areas of interest. Examples include: video games/gaming, general influence, fashion, beauty, health & wellness, travel, and cooking/food. All content creators on the Influence.Inc platform have the ability to "go public" by having their personal stock listed on the Influence.Inc exchange via an Initial Persona Offering (IPO). Early supporters of personal stocks will see their virtual investments increase in value, creating a positive feedback loop of interaction between fans and influencers.

The first two exchanges on Influence.Inc are the Gamer Stock Exchange (GSX) and the Creator Stock Exchange (CSX), with trading now taking place on the Gamer Stock Exchange (GSX).
The Gamer Stock Exchange is where gamers, gaming streamers, and esports professionals, publishers, developers, and even games and brands, can create their profiles and connect their social media channels.

Describing the motivations of Influence.Inc, Founder and CEO, Doug Kinnison says: "We’re focused on helping people connect and empowering influencers to grow and maintain their personal brands. We have a guiding principle within the Influence.Inc organization: ‘If it doesn’t help someone to gain influence, we don’t do it’."

Kinnison adds: "We are in the business of helping creators connect with and grow their audience through gamification, rewards, and cross platform exposure. Everything we do is to increase our influencers’ reach. We do this through competitions, rewards, and promotions that fans engage with. If a new feature doesn’t help a member become more famous, we don’t release it. We also think it’s vital for influencers to control their brands and control communication with their audience."

Participation on the Influence.Inc platform is free of charge for both creators and fans. Influence.Inc fan members can stake in-platform credits called Notes on content creators, competitions, and brand properties they think will be successful. In return, members can win prizes, support their favorite creators and properties, and influence those creators and properties in a fun and entertaining way.

Following a closed Beta period that served as a great way to gain feedback and further refine the platform, trading on the Influence.Inc platform is now live on the Gamer Stock Exchange (GSX). Additionally, Influence.Inc is busy developing innovative new ways to help influencers leverage the platform to earn reliable income from the content they create. Top ranking Creators will be rewarded with prizes including loot crates, gaming systems, and more.

"What we’re creating at Influence.Inc is truly unique in that it allows fans to have direct input into the creative process and provide influencers with real-time feedback from fans," said Charles Long, Co-founder of Influence.Inc.

Fans interested in becoming one of Influence.Inc’s select Founding Fan members can apply for membership here

Signups for Founding Creators and Founding Fans are currently live here: Follow Influence.Inc on Twitch, Join the Influence Discord Server, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram @influenceincofficial

About Influence.Inc

Influence.Inc is an exchange for content creators/influencers to acquire more followers, create new ways to make money, and deepen connections with their audience. It also helps fans discover new creators and support their favorite influencers. To learn more about Influence.Inc, please visit the website:, or email For user support please visit:

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