Leading Web 3.0 Game, Splinterlands, Announces Monumental Release for Their Land NFTs

MEDIA, Pa., Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Splinterlands, the world’s leading blockchain-based fantasy video game, announced today that the game will be entering Phase 0.5 for its launch of land infrastructure on December 13th. This next step will see players who have previously purchased Land Claims now able to redeem them into digital Land Deeds. Owners will also now be able to see their unsurveyed land’s location within the game, with surveying and additional land features to come in 2023.

Phase 0.5 is the player’s first introduction to the land since the initial land plot sale which took place in 2021. Once Phase 0.5 has gone live, players will be able to buy and sell both their Land Claims and Land Deeds, generate Land Deed NFTs by redeeming their Plot, Tract, and Region claim tokens, transfer these generated Land Deed NFTs to and from Wax, and sell and transfer these to other players on the game’s market.

Splinterlands CEO, Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, expressed on behalf of the company the shared enthusiasm about this next stage in the game’s development.

“Every time we can continue to build this incredible world we’ve been co-creating with our community for years, we are thrilled,” Reich said. “The Land element has always been such an important part of our long-term vision for our users. Our team has worked long and hard for this, and we are so excited to start phasing in this immersive aspect of the Splinterlands world we all love.”

Along with the immediate ability to locate their land and begin initial trading, players can also look forward to ongoing developments in 2023, including the ability to manage their land, add farm “totems” to increase resource production, and produce items that can be used to advance them in Splinterlands gameplay.

Long-term plans for the land expansion include extensive immersive elements for the hit blockchain fantasy game’s loyal community. For more information, visit https://peakd.com/splinterlands/@splinterlands/splinterlands-land-expansion-details.

About Splinterlands:

Matt Rosen and current CEO Jesse “Aggroed” Reich co-founded Splinterlands, the worldwide leading blockchain game, in 2018. The friends and their growing company team have since expanded the game to more than 2.4M users, 1M active wallets, and 3-5M blockchain transactions daily, and have recently surpassed the significant milestone of 3B battles played. The fantasy-themed battle game, built on the blockchain, is able to offer cutting edge approaches to gaming where players can earn real-world rewards as well as own, hold, and trade in-game assets. Due to the unique capacities of Web 3.0, Splinterlands has begun making interoperability between various games possible, both through its recent release of the Tower Defense series as well as in the plans for its new sports gaming platform, Genesis League Sports. The company continues to see marked expansion and revenue successes within Splinterlands, and has announced a series of significant partnerships in recent months, including with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) and Warner Music Group (WMG). Visit www.splinterlands.com for more information.

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