Legends At War Secures Partnerships Ahead of Their High-Reward VIP Game Tournament

MIAMI, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Produced with cutting-edge technology by Sabre Games, Legends At War is an advanced MMORTS Play-and-Earn game unlike any other.

Revolutionized by a team of developers responsible for over 160 titles and 20 million downloads, Legends At War offers the most immersive and advantageous on-chain experience for gamers to date. Players can build cities, train armies, hire legendary heroes, wage war, and forge alliances in this on-chain sandbox environment set in Medieval Europe.

Sabre Games has announced two official, groundbreaking partnerships with Gamerhash, a gaming community of more than 720,000 users, and Real Player DAO (RPD), a top-tier gaming guild in China, ahead of their November 1st VIP Beta Tournament.

They’re taking the market by storm – leveraging a broad network of influence in crypto, gaming, and marketing to help bring traditional gamers into the Web3 space.

Gamerhash and RPD are both two organizations that provide simple and seamless Web3 on-ramps to conventional gamers – perfectly accenting the strategy of Sabre Games with Legends At War.

Gamerhash and its expansive global community allow gamers to earn crypto rewards while sharing excess computing power when watching movies or browsing the internet. These rewards are redeemed for games within their marketplace or via real-world merchandise.

Simultaneously, RPD connects players to games, information, and exclusive rewards in the Web3 space. RPD’s task platform of GameFi, Real Player Offering, allows players to complete tasks, win rewards, and enter the Metaverse seamlessly.

“We believe the next generation of blockchain gaming needs to focus on games and gamers over earnings. So it was a no-brainer to align ourselves with Gamerhash and Real Player DAO to introduce their huge community of tech-savvy gamers with early access to our incredibly detailed MMORTS,” says Wojtek, CEO, and co-founder of Sabre Games.

In celebration, they’ve announced an exclusive Beta Tournament for players from communities like Gamerhash and Real Player Dao, taking place November 1st. Players will battle in a VIP week-long tournament, with one winner taking home a high-end gaming PC valued at $2500 US.

Spots are going fast in our closed Beta Tournament. Want your community to take home the grand prize? Join by submitting your information here.

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