MassPersona Launches Minikin: 3D-Printed, Personalized Figurines

CHICAGO, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, MassPersona announces the official launch of its flagship service and product: Minikin ( and The notion of being yourself is as relevant as ever in 2021, and individualism is making a cultural comeback everywhere from the workplace to social media. Bitmojis have become ubiquitous online in recent years, and Minikin- 3D-printed, materialized avatars- is the next great leap in the evolution of individuality.

Minikin provides a mobile app where users submit selfies and then select their desired gender, body type, hairstyle, clothing, accessories, and size. For $20-35, Minikin 3D-prints 2-inch to 3-inch replicas of their users, delivered to the doorstep in only one to two weeks.

MassPersona is the only company on the market that both manufactures and generates personalized figurines that deliver each of these criteria: (1) Made to look like the user; (2) Simple and easy to personalize and order; (3) Realistic and not cartoonish; (4) Affordable; (5) Make it yourself; (6) Able to be made for someone else as a gift.

Competitors sell mini figurines for the average person or for fantasy gamer fans, but Minikins are versatile and target a wider range of customers. In addition to their broad appeal, Minikins’ quality and technology also set them apart:

  • Minikins are created using a next-generation additive manufacturing process and are made of high-grade composites. 
  • Minikins are created using a green process in which 80% of the material used is recycled nylon plastic, resulting in minimal waste.

MassPersona has launched Minikin on Kickstarter ( to generate awareness and revenue among target and test audiences in advance of the official product launch in December 2021 and at C2E2.

Interested parties should visit the Minkin Kickstarter Page or

About MassPersona
Chicago-based MassPersona is the world’s largest and most innovative, vertically-integrated 3D color printing service. It was created by combining the technical innovations of Twindom and the production expertise of Custom Color 3D Printing. Currently, the company has an active and established plant in Chicago, IL that uses HP‘s HP580 for multi-jet fusion, the only color printer available for this technology. MassPersona is also announcing significant new technology investments with AMT and Oqton to automate and scale manufacturing capabilities to be able to support higher-volume production runs, dynamic job scheduling, and end to end fulfilment. To support the Minikin launch, MassPersona has partnered with ReedPop, the leading producer of pop culture and cosplay-oriented content shows, events, and gatherings. The Partnership allows ReedPop show attendees to traverse from the physical to digital and back again, while memorializing their attendance with highly-realistic, collectible miniatures of themselves.

MassPersona is the producer of Minikin (, and is a high volume 3D color printing factory serving the needs of consumer product companies looking to produce high volumes of mass personalized 3D color products or parts.

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