Math World VR Update Adds 4 New Mini Games, Unlockables, & UI Update

ATLANTA, April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Developed by Skill Prepare, Math World VR, a mental math VR game that combines math arithmetic with fun mini games, is proud to announce its latest update. The new release features a revamped user interface, unlockable skins, and four new mini-games. Math World VR is designed to help players exercise their brain while having fun. Fun and math in the same sentence, who would have thought?

Many people may not realize the benefits of mental math. But did you know that mental math can be excellent exercise for your brain?

Mental math is the ability to perform calculations in your head without relying on a calculator or any other external aid. This skill requires focus and concentration, and it involves working memory, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving skills. With Math World VR, you can now exercise your mind through mental math in a really fun and engaging way. With this update, there are now 12 mini games in total to choose from that take you from throwing axes on a tiki island, to shooting basketball free throws on a city basketball court. It combines simple math with these mini games for a whole new fun challenge.

The new update features a brand-new user interface that streamlines mini game navigation and includes a local leaderboard feature to keep track of high scores. In addition to the UI update, Math World VR has added 4 mini games: Mini Putt Putt Golf, Frisbee Throw, Multiples Target gallery, & Slingshot Challenge. The new Math World VR update also includes an unlockable skin update. By playing the mini games, players can earn coins which they can use to unlock playable skins for each mini game as well as keep track of their high scores for each game.

Math World VR is available on Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Pico 4, and Pico Neo3. The game is suitable for all ages and skill levels and is a STEM accredited game. The update is live now and is available to all current players as an update. If you don’t own Math World VR you can get it today on the Oculus or Pico store.

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