Mythic Protocol Announces First-Ever Riftstorm Playtest

Register now and take control as an elite secret operatives on 15 November 2023

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mythic Protocol is poised to unveil a momentous milestone as they prepare to launch the first Riftstorm playtest on November 15 2023 on Steam. The Riftstorm team extends a special invitation to players to get an exclusive early glimpse into the game’s world and the operative concepts they will soon engage with.

In Riftstorm, join forces in a co-op top-down action shooter, taking control as an elite secret operative filled with threats beyond the cosmos. Hunt down supernatural creatures and explore strange new worlds beyond our own.

This playtest represents a crucial stage in confirming the fundamental game mechanics and the intense action experience that the development team has meticulously designed. It will also evaluate the multiplayer capabilities under stress and introduce an inaugural hero concept, Starling, with the aim of involving the community and testers in shaping the ongoing evolution of her design.

As the Riftstorm development team initiates their first open playtest sessions, their objectives revolve around examining, confirming, and refining the game’s mechanical and emotional impressions towards the game core mechanics. The team is wholeheartedly committed to shape these aspects to guarantee a long-lasting gaming experience that will provide a sturdy foundation for players to delve into the realm of Riftstorm.

Features of Riftstorm:

  • Intense Roguelite Combat:
    Take control by shooting, dodging, customizing each run to your operative’s strengths, and choosing your preferred playstyle. Every mythic encounter and incursion through the rifts will be different, and every fight will create new and exciting opportunities to build, experiment, and adapt.
  • Co-op PvE:
    Team up with your allies and prove that even the best operatives achieve more together in a thrilling cooperative play. Work together and survive increasingly challenging encounters to earn the best loot.
  • Instant Action, Longterm Mastery:
    Threading the line between intensity, difficulty, and mastery, Riftstorm allows you to jump in and out of the action at your own pace as you build on your skills and reflexes to master the game.
  • The Unknown Awaits:
    Arm yourself into a realm filled with myths and nightmares as you peer into the unknown. In this universe, the creatures and things of myth and nightmare are called Mythics; and those who face them on a daily basis: Operatives.

A press kit for Riftstorm can be downloaded here.

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About Mythic Protocol:

Mythic Protocol is dedicated to pioneering the creation of a groundbreaking Collaborative Entertainment IP that seamlessly fuses gaming and unique storytelling through transmedia. With a visionary approach, the company’s mission is to empower content creators, enhance fan participation, and imbue player interactions with significant impact in a constantly evolving universe. The company’s leading product, the action-packed RPG roguelite known as Riftstorm with procedurally generated dungeons, and cooperative gameplay, embodying their unwavering commitment to both the intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of gaming.

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