Pimax Launches VR Content Incentive Program

Company issues call to independent programmers to create virtual reality content for their new Pimax Crystal and Pimax Portal platforms

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pimax, developer & manufacturer of innovative VR products, today introduced a new Software Ecosystem Incentive Program to enlist independent developers to create new VR software for their Crystal headset and Portal four-in-one gaming device.

Pimax is now offering financial and marketing incentives to help independent VR developers create new software titles for the Pimax Store ecosystem. The Pimax Software Ecosystem Incentive Program includes:

  • Free Pimax Portal developer kits for 1,000 programmers
  • Cash bonuses for 50 developers who collaborate with Pimax to create release-ready content
  • A “choose your own revenue split” incentive for the top 50 developers
  • Free advertising via social media, the Pimax Store, and other channels for the top 50 cooperating developers

The Pimax Store has products from arcade games to sims, educational content and videos, and users from B2C and B2B sectors, all over the world.

Robin Weng, founder of Pimax, said, “Pimax has created the next-generation VR 3.0 hardware with the release of the Pimax Portal, but great hardware needs outstanding software to shine. We have found that many of the most gifted developers work for small studios or independently. Through the Pimax Software Ecosystem Incentive Program, we plan to enlist the most innovative and talented developers to show what’s possible with Pimax-powered virtual reality.”

Developers in attendance at Pimax Frontier are excited about the possibilities of this new VR platform:

  • “Portal feels like a high-quality device all around. It’s really cool to see how it works and how easy it is to switch between handheld and VR modes,” said one developer.
  • “Compared to any other standalone, the Crystal [headset] will allow us, developers, to push our projects to the limit,” said another Pimax Frontier attendee.

Pimax has held a roadshow through Europe and the US, meeting many developers such as here on VR Days in Rotterdam.

  • Sean Gilleece: “I absolutely love the headsets and the possibilities they show.”
  • Samuel Neubauer (on the Portal): “Really cool to see how easy it is to switch between modes (handheld/VR)”
  • Curtis English: “The visuals were great, very good clarity, by far the best I’ve used.”

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For more information about the Pimax Software Ecosystem Incentive Program, visit the Pimax Developer Center or sign up at Developer Registration.

About Pimax

Pimax created the world’s first 4K VR headset in 2014 that was recognized as the best VR product in CES Asia 2016, released the award-winning Pimax 5K+ in 2017, and the flagship 8KX headset that won Best VR product at CES Las Vegas in 2020. For more information, please visit www.pimax.com

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