Player One Universe Unveils Metaverse Beta Launch Featuring 12 Founding Partners and Genesis Pass

LOS ANGELES, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Player One Universe proudly announces the beta release of its highly anticipated metaverse gaming platform after 18 months of development. With 12 inaugural partner projects launching at beta, the platform introduces a revolutionary concept dubbed as a “Cozy Web” social platform and community engagement service. Embracing Web3, Discord, and X communities, Player One Universe empowers users to launch and moderate their private metaverses. Within these immersive environments, communities can orchestrate games, events, giveaways, promotions, and more. The platform also leverages AI to craft custom 3D avatars for players using their 2D digital profile pictures and NFTs.

Set to launch on March 27th, the company will concurrently unveil its limited-edition Genesis Pass tailored for early adopters and supporters. This exclusive pass offers a myriad of benefits including airdrops, early feature access, NFT drops, avatar drops, and voting rights to shape the platform’s future. With only 1,111 passes available, the collection underwent a rigorous vetting process, attracting thousands of interested applicants.

Alongside the Genesis Pass, Player One Universe debuts its metaverse beta platform — a collaborative sandbox experience granting communities and individuals their own virtual realms. Encouraging exploration, creation, and interaction, this immersive universe promises a vibrant digital landscape. Central to this experience is the ecosystem’s $ONE token, serving as the primary medium of exchange within all metaverses created on the platform.

“We are thrilled to announce the upcoming beta release,” said Neil Collier and Shawn Faison, co-founders of Player One Universe. “These milestones reflect years of dedication from our talented team. With P1U, we’re empowering both new and existing communities to achieve their goals and foster engagement through innovative services and technology. Together with the Genesis Pass, we aim to redefine digital ownership and cultivate safe, curated spaces for diverse projects.”

In anticipation of the Genesis Pass and beta release, Player One Universe will host a series of events and giveaways, offering participants exclusive prizes and rewards. Furthermore, beta program participants will have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback and insights, and Genesis Pass holders will gain the highest privileges and ability to influence the platform’s evolution.

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About Player One Universe:
Player One Universe is a comprehensive metaverse platform offering customizable worlds for online communities and groups. Additionally, it provides 3D avatar services enabling players to define their digital identity across various online metaverses.

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