Revolutionizing Relaxation: OSIM Unveils uDeluxe Max Massage Chair in North America

Redefining the Art of Massage at Home

NEW YORK, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — OSIM, a global leader in health and wellness technology, proudly introduces the latest addition to the massage chair line-up – OSIM uDeluxe Max in North America. This state-of-art massage chair sets new standards of comprehensive relaxation and innovative massage technology, providing users with unparalleled relaxation at home.

OSIM uDeluxe Max Massage Chair combines cutting-edge technology, ergonomic design, and precision engineering to deliver a holistic and rejuvenating massage experience. Designed to cater to diverse users with different lifestyles, OSIM uDeluxe Max Massage Chair offers a wide range of massage techniques, intensities, and targeted areas, ensuring a personalized session for every user.

Alex Cheung, President & Chief Executive Officer, OSIM North America, said “At OSIM, we believe in the transformative power of relaxation and its positive impact in overall health. OSIM uDeluxe Max Massage Chair represents our commitment to innovative wellness technology, quality and meeting the evolving needs if our customers in different lifestyle.”

Three major focuses of OSIM uDeluxe Max Massage Chair include:

The Ultimate Resolution of Insomnia
No matter what stage of life people are in, stress in life is inevitable, and this will be reflected physically. When the stress exceeds the comfort zone, people often feel exhausted and more likely to encounter insomnia. Since sleep is essential for overall well-being, and OSIM uDeluxe Max Massage Chair addresses the challenges faced by individuals struggling with insomnia.

Advanced Massage Technology and Personalized Massage Programs
OSIM uDeluxe Max Massage Chair comprises the patented advanced massage technology “V-Hand” and “Long Track” massage, creating an immersive experience to enjoy a seamless massage from head to toe that supports better sleep. The advanced V-Hand massage technology emulates the agile hard-grip of a professional masseuse to extract deep seated knots at the neck and shoulders. Also, OSIM uDeluxe Max’s extended track (72 cm) massage is equipped with a variety of massage techniques, including airbags, kneading, tapping, rolling and dual, massaging every pain point seamlessly.

The massage needs for every user may differ due to personal lifestyles and habits. OSIM uDeluxe Max is the professional masseuse with customizable massage programs like:

  • “CEO” – a quick relief for professionals with busy schedule);
  • “Sleep” – preparation for the body and mind for a good night’s sleep; and
  • “Beauty” – a pampering massage designed to tone and firm, helping to improve circulation and keep the body in shape.

Modern Design Aesthetics
OSIM continues its tradition of combining functionality with elegance. OSIM uDeluxe Max features a modern design with 3 stylish colours – brown, purple and black, blending seamlessly with contemporary home décor.

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About OSIM
Founded in 1979, OSIM is today a leading Wellness Tech innovator dedicated to creating user-centric, intelligent and connected solutions that inspire and improve well-being of everyone. OSIM’s core business is anchored in a wellness ecosystem of synergistic products, solutions, services and app, providing customers with a holistic well-being experience and empowering them to live healthier, happier lives.

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