Richie Knows, The World’s First Local Social Network Designed Exclusively for Gamers, to Conduct Four-Week Alpha Test in Los Angeles Starting July 22

LOS ANGELES, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Richie Knows, the world’s first social network designed to connect gamers with fellow players in their communities for conversation, competition and support, will conduct a four-week Alpha Test in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley July 22August 21.

Introducing Richie Knows: 

While gaming is a $160 billion global business enjoyed by 2.5 billion players, currently there are no resources available for gamers to find one another on a local level. Richie Knows is designed to foster such relationships, which – unlike the majority of social media interactions – can grow organically into the real world. And as the mobile web app expands to additional US markets and cities worldwide, players will have the opportunity to be matched up with new friends and competitors as they travel.

Additionally, the Richie Knows community will help shape the future of the app. As gaming culture evolves, Richie Knows will rely on feedback from users to understand and adapt to their interests and needs.

"Community is in the DNA of Richie Knows, and we will continue to respect and respond to the needs of our community," said founder Rich Melcombe. "We want to constantly be asking for their feedback, opinions and advice in order to deliver what they want from a local social network, not simply what we think that they want."

Gamers who participate in the Alpha Test will be able to take advantage of a host of features, including:

  • Richie Tournaments: Richie Knows will host five local tournaments, with the selected games representing a cross-section of platforms and genres.
  • Richie Coins: Users will earn coins through a variety of methods, including posting, engaging with site features, participating in tournaments and interacting with limited-time promotions from local businesses. Coins can be used for e-gift cards at Starbucks, Domino’s, Ralphs Supermarkets and Amazon.
  • Vent: Gaming can be an isolating experience, which is why Richie Knows has created Vent, a "virtual mental health spa." This supportive space will provide opportunities to learn about a variety of mental health issues, to participate in interactive support experiences, and to hear and be heard by mental health professionals vetted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Westside Los Angeles. All Vent programs are designed to ensure that gamers dealing with emotional or mental health issues know that they are not alone.
  • Camp Richie Hangouts: Richie Knows will provide opportunities to make new connections while supporting a variety of local businesses by announcing free events for users as COVID protocols allow.
  • Richie Freebies: Each day for one hour, Richie Knows users can win a free item from a local restaurant. You never know when the clock will start!

Gamers who are interested in joining the Richie Knows Alpha Test may sign up at

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