Saintilway Productions Releases Numbrail, an Analytical Puzzle

A fun, thoughtful, and challenging game to sparkle interest in the field of computer science.

APOPKA, Fla., May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Saintilway Productions, the publisher of Numbrail.

Saintilway Productions today announced that Numbrail is available globally at The game is created to intrigue the brain of all puzzle lovers.

Numbrail was invented during the covid pandemic. The original idea for the game came from a technical interview question. The setup of the question consisted of a list of numbers. A user can select a number from either the beginning or the end of the list. The selection alternates between two users. The task was to write a function that would maximize a user’s output.

Wendly, the creator of Numbrail, expanded the problem space of the technical question. He transformed it from a linear list to a matrix like a chessboard. To increase the fairness of the game, the board size was restricted to an odd number. And the two players share the last selected number. Numbrail is all about sharing. It is a simple yet deep optimization problem. To win, a user must maximize their output without being greedy. The semantics of the game will get our neuron cells firing. It is developed with the hope of sparking interest in the field of computer science.

Numbrail has received praise for its design. A user pointed out that the "UI is clean and minimalist." Another mentioned that the game is "compelling hehe will keep going back to it."

Some of the features

  • Daily challenges
    • A user plays against the Numbrail AI and wins by collecting 61 points. With each play, a user becomes eligible to collect Numbrail badges. The most challenging badge to collect is the "100 days streak" badge. A user has up to 5 tries to defeat the AI. However, any loss will reset the user streak count
  • Play with friends
    • This feature allows each user to play with their friends around the globe by sharing a game id with them.
  • Practice Mode
    • The practice mode allows users to sharpen their skills. It is a lighter version of Numbrail. To win the practice mode, a user must collect 23 points.
  • Progressive Web App
    • Numbrail is built for the web. It is available online at as an installable progressive web app.

Now, It’s time for you to defeat the Numbrail AI. Can you collect 61 points? Play at

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About the developer

Wendly Saintil enjoys nature, road-trips, bible reading, and playing the guitar. He attended the University of Florida (Go Gators). He is a Software Engineer at Affirm, previously at Google. He resides in Apopka, FL with his wife Dorothy.

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