Scaeva Partners with Rolling Stones Engineer and BYGMusic Founder to Empower Artists

GILROY, Calif., Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Scaeva Technologies Inc., inventor of a ground-breaking new foundational approach to spatial audio rendering, unlocks the immersive potential of everyday audio.

Scaeva announced today their partnership with BYGMusic, a music platform revolutionizing the way artists earn money and grow their careers. BYGMusic has a growing list of over 1,000 artists on its platform, many of whom need to record on the road or may not have the ability or resources to access multi-million-dollar studios and mastering rooms. The Scaeva-powered contextual spatial audio platform allows BYGMusic artists to record, mix and master in world-class studios from anywhere in the world, virtually.

BYGMusic artist Alyssa Trahan sums it up: "This is honestly one of my #1 go-to’s right now.  I might even say it’s a Holy Grail – the incredible results I get are amazing."  Alyssa continues, "I was skeptical in the beginning, but now I can’t live without it. I am not exaggerating to say this technology has been life changing."  She should know: Alyssa is an ultra-talented songwriter, mix engineer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist performer. Her 2021 LP, "Baby Blues & Stilettos," debuted at #9 on the iTunes Country Album chart, and can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

"We are excited to launch this partnership. I’ve been recording, mixing, and mastering for some of the biggest names in music, in some of the most iconic studios on the planet my entire career. I would never have guessed that you could achieve the same acoustic quality through a virtual solution on the road that I get in a perfectly treated studio room… until now. The Scaeva-powered platform is simply the only technology out there that brings iconic studio sound quality to my artists," said Krish Sharma, CEO, and Founder of BYGMusic. It’s worth noting that Mr. Sharma is a 3x Grammy Award winner and recording engineer for numerous top-40 artists, including The Rolling Stones.

Steve Curd, CEO, and Founder of Scaeva said, "We couldn’t be more thrilled to see this very important and massive group of creators utilizing our technology to help them create their art prolifically and efficiently. Independent artists make up a bulk of audio creators and musicians out there, and knowing that we are leveling the playing field and democratizing audio production makes our journey very worthwhile."

About Scaeva Technologies:
Leveraging advanced technologies, Scaeva’s mission is to remove barriers to content creation, distribution, and monetization. Based in Silicon Valley, Scaeva sits at the nexus of technology and entertainment. With a motley group of engineers, scientists, and artists, Scaeva develops powerful technologies at the core of professional audio tools. Their latest invention, InSitu Sound™ enables artists to mix like they are still in the studio from anywhere.

About BYGMusic:
BYGMusic is on a mission to support  the 99.9% of artists not signed to a major label with a SaaS platform where artists can find the best and most innovative tools to grow their careers, and where brands can cut through digital clutter and connect authentically to music fans. BYGMusic is driven by a tremendously passionate team with diverse experience and has put over 1.5M directly in the pockets of artists through partnerships with brands such as Ford, Amazon, Crocs, 20th Century Fox, Hulu and HP.

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