Seeker Anti-Cheat Effectively Stops Hack Sites from Offering Cheats

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —┬áSeeker Anti-Cheat, a newly formed anti-cheat company, effectively stops hack sites from offering cheats for video games. Most anti-cheats on the market exhaust their efforts seeking cheats used by players in a game. It’s often a back-and-forth game of Cat and Mouse that never ends. Developers can catch a few cheaters here and there, but the hack coders can recode and continue, maintaining the cycle. Many games, such as Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite, are riddled with cheats or aimbots, so other anti-cheat approaches don’t work well. Seeker Anti-Cheat takes a much more comprehensive approach to cheats by going after the websites that distribute the cheats to people. By attacking these websites, Seeker Anti-Cheat can eliminate the sources of cheats and even goes as far as to take legal action against these websites. The approach taken by Seeker Anti-Cheat is non-invasive and doesn’t require any code installation within the game.

"People should be able to be at peace when gaming and not have to worry about hackers taking over the game with cheats. Seeker Anti-Cheat works hard to eliminate cheats from the gaming world using a non-invasive and unique approach," said a spokesperson for Seeker Anti-Cheat. "Rather than doing what other anti-cheat companies do and going into a game to find cheaters, we attack the cheats at the source and take down the websites providing these cheats. Our company has a solid system for tracking down these websites to sue the site owner and stop the cheats. We have even found a way to disable their ability to process payments and remove their websites from search engines. We attack every aspect of these hack sites to make sure we put them out of business for good."

Seeker Anti-Cheat consists of a team of avid gamers, attorneys, and some prior military members who banded together after becoming frustrated with the inefficiency of anti-cheat systems. The team found a way to stop these cheats by taking a unique approach and attacking the source of the cheats rather than cheaters in-game. Seeker Anti-Cheat cuts off payment processors, removes websites from search engines, removes chat systems, shuts down advertising, and takes legal action against site owners. Seeker Anti-Cheat has found a way to stop hack sites from distributing cheats. Seeker Anti-Cheat focuses on first-person shooter games for PC and mobile but will cover any games publishers or developers contract with the company. All clients receive weekly reports on circulated cheats and website removal.

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