Stattrak Fantasy Esports App Lets Fans Earn Real Bitcoin Rewards With ZEBEDEE

HOBOKEN, N.J., Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stattrak, the new play-to-earn mobile platform for fantasy esports fanatics is now live with real Bitcoin rewards on iOS and Android. Now, anyone can build their fantasy team by choosing their favorite players across esports leagues (currently League of Legends and CS:GO) to compete with friends or other players around the world for satoshis, thanks to instant micro-transactions powered by ZEBEDEE on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

"Stattrak’s mission is to deliver a great experience to passionate fans of esports with exciting new ways to engage via fantasy leagues," said Rafael Augusto, founder and CEO of Stattrak. "With our new ZEBEDEE integration and play-to-earn capabilities, fans can now be rewarded for their love of watching the world’s top League of Legends and CS:GO leagues compete."

Stattrak is free-to-play and play-to-earn, meaning users gain rewards according to their rankings in the platform’s leagues with no cost required to participate, and have the opportunity to accumulate real satoshis in every round.

"We’re excited to see how quickly Stattrak was able to launch Bitcoin gaming capabilities for its players, with the actual implementation taking just a few days," said Simon Cowell, CEO of ZEBEDEE. "It is exciting to see Bitcoin gaming taking off globally and entering a brand-new space with fantasy esports. Fantasy leagues are already a lot of fun, but adding the element of real Bitcoin rewards for users makes it even more exciting and engaging for Stattrak’s growing community."

Stattrak uses ZEBEDEE’s turnkey Bitcoin payments integration technology to process transactions over the Lightning Network—a fast, scalable second-layer solution for the Bitcoin Network. With ZEBEDEE, Stattrak can now process efficient, low-cost micro-transactions in real time, which is perfect for providing users with instant Bitcoin rewards every round of an esports tournament.

To start building your fantasy esports teams and begin earning Bitcoin rewards now for free, download the Stattrak app for via Google Play and or the App Store.

About Stattrak
Stattrak is a fantasy esports platform for Android and iOS that enables fans to build their own teams with real players from the leading esports leagues. You can follow league champions in a fun way by competing with your friends and other players to see who understands the games, the players and overall strategy the best — and win real Bitcoin rewards in the process! To learn more, visit

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