Streamline Media Group Showcases The Fashion Industry’s First Immersive Gaming Experience with Balenciaga’s Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow

LAS VEGAS, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Streamline Media Group (Streamline) announces its key role in developing Balenciaga’s Afterworld “The Age of Tomorrow” game. This project turned the fashion industry on its head in December 2020, delivering the first prominent interactive, immersive 3D gaming experience to launch its Fall 2021 Collection.

“Afterworld is a game-changer,” says Sallyann Houghton, Epic Games Innovation Lab. “A guiding light in the industry that allows people to see that interactive media is the future of marketing.”

Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow is a prime example of how the enterprise can incorporate video games in the digital transformation of the global economy. Streamline’s production team, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, worked directly with a worldwide network of collaborators from Balenciaga, Substance and Inhalt, Dimension Studio, and others. The group then pulled together the concept, cinematics, audio, and streaming elements in the Unreal Engine to bring this experience to life. An experience that Vogue called “a quantum leap for the fashion industry.

“It was amazing to work with non-gamers on a creative project of this magnitude,” says Alexander Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of Streamline. “Their creative concepts had no limits or constraints, it was a welcome challenge to bring this vision to reality. It helped us deliver, and showcase to the world, an advanced interactive experience that is now a key milestone for the games industry in the enterprise.”

While Balenciaga is not the first to incorporate interactive gaming into its brand, it is the first time an international luxury fashion brand has launched a wholly digital in-game experience. Over its 20-year history, Streamline has supported global brands across entertainment mediums to deliver ground-breaking creative technology to mainstream audiences. Notable examples include the Coke Zero AVTR commercial tie-in with the world’s top-selling movie, Avatar, a multi-purpose virtual television studio for BBC Sport, and the first virtual reality TV show, Rival Peak by Genvid Technologies.

It’s not hard to see the future of the enterprise gaming space. The ‘Metaverse’ will open up new opportunities for product discovery, commerce, virtual co-working, education, and social interactivity.

“This is only the beginning,” continues Fernandez. “Digital transformation of industry has arrived and video game technology is the infrastructure that will bring immersive interactive experiences to every aspect of life. Welcome to the Metaverse.”

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