Treydora Launches Innovative NFT Comic Book and VR Education Platform

Revolutionizing entertainment and training through blockchain technology

NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Treydora, an ambitious New York-based multimedia entertainment and education company, today announced the upcoming launch of its groundbreaking non-fungible token (NFT) comic book universe and pioneering virtual reality (VR) education platform for healthcare workers.

Founded by Mark Loudermilk, a registered nurse, respiratory therapist and computer scientist, Treydora aims to disrupt traditional storytelling mediums and workplace training models by harnessing the vast potential of emerging technologies like blockchain, VR and artificial intelligence.

“I’ve always wanted to utilize my background in computer science in a creative way,” said Loudermilk. “After working brutal 60-80-hour weeks in the ICU and emergency rooms of New York City hospitals throughout the pandemic, it really motivated me to finally launch something completely new and innovative.”

Mid November, Treydora will unveil the first-ever comic in its expansive NFT superhero universe, offering collectors the chance to own a piece of the entirely unique science fiction saga. The multimedia narrative centers around an ancient, God-like being named Treydora who creates and cultivates life across the cosmos until a civil war forces its species into hiding. After drifting dormant for eons, Treydora awakens on a fledgling planet, merging its essence with the core to survive.

Treydora has partnered with world-class comic artists Ronald Acosta, Nghia Pham and Mahmoud Swielam to illustrate the meticulously crafted storylines and characters of its NFT comic series. The company ultimately plans to leverage its vast fictional narrative by also producing NFT artwork, VR real estate, eBooks, movies and more.

“I think creating totally new superhero and science fiction universes is much more exciting than continuing to churn out stories in exhausted franchises,” Loudermilk stated. “We have the chance to build expansive lore across comics, games, video, audio and other mediums while incorporating blockchain to truly give fans ownership in the story world.”

In addition to entertainment, Treydora sees a monumental opportunity to completely transform workplace education, training and onboarding through the development of its groundbreaking VR education platform. “Reading and memorizing content from books is incredibly difficult for true knowledge retention. But decades of research clearly demonstrates our brains recall hands-on experiences and simulations much more vividly,” added Loudermilk.

The pioneering VR education platform aims to dramatically boost learning outcomes, retention and engagement while standardizing training for critical healthcare roles like doctors, nurses, therapists and more. By creating hyper-realistic 3D simulations of real clinical environments, the technology could revolutionize how medical staff are trained and how patients are treated.

“VR training could completely disrupt healthcare education as we know it today,” remarked Loudermilk. “This initiative is also especially exciting to me since it comes directly from my own experiences teaching and onboarding staff at hospitals.”

Beyond healthcare, Treydora plans to expand its VR educational technology into other industries and corporate training programs as well. The company believes emerging tools like VR, blockchain and AI represent an opportunity to fundamentally reimagine and optimize how employees are trained and supported.

By merging worldbuilding, gaming and training while incorporating revolutionary technologies like blockchain, VR and AI, Treydora is actively pioneering the future of interactive digital experiences, ownership and learning.

The company will be rolling out more details on its groundbreaking VR education platform and entertainment metaverse in the coming months. To get the latest updates, visit

Media Contact:
Mark Loudermilk

SOURCE Treydora Productions, Inc.