Unidice – A Digital Dice Revolutionizing the Market

MARKTRODACH, Germany, March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Unidice is the next gen dice – a digital dice, individually customizable via mobile app. With its six digital sides it enhances games plus everyday situations and makes them more diverse.

"For millennia, a dice was a dice – we are now creating a bridge between the old analog world and the digital gaming world," emphasizes Matteo Werth, Projectleader.


Unidice – development history of the digital dice
A digital dice invented in upper Franconia, Germany, by a small team in cooperation with the U.S.-based partners of surfaceink.com.

"While enjoying a fun evening of boardgames the next gen dice was conjured up in our minds – seeing the first prototypes springing into action – is a dream come true" raves Isabella Helm, lead of game development.

Unidice – a fully customizable digital dice
A digital dice, activated by a simple gesture, configured individually via connected mobile app. Rolled like a conventional dice every face shows an individual output – pips, pictures, tabletop gaming skins or user generated content. Falls up to a 1,5m height are easily done.

The dice appears with a plethora of looks and applications as well as with an extensive library of skins and other content.

One Unidice – many applications
This next gen dice provides the players with a lot of fun thanks to many additional features. Used like the old dice – but even much more. Having up to five dice in one, knowing rules, creating characters like for Dungeons and Dragons, interactive gaming experiences in hybrid games are only a few applications for the Unidice. Completely new games are developed especially for the undice. Implementing that next gen dice how it never happened before.

And the best: everybody can develop its own game by individualization that unique dice with pictures or tasks. Real new fun is brought to games like choose or dare. Education, sports and e-health, office applications or even dating are only a few examples more for the Unidice diversity.

Unidice – unique technology
The interior as well as the exterior are made with the latest technology. Shatterproof glass, HD Displays, high performing MCUs, powerful batteries – all forming a 51g light cube with 1,535 x 1,535-inch (3.9cm x 3,9cm) dimension.

Unidice goes Kickstarter
Project lead Werth states that "after initial prototyping with beta firmware implemented, we want to mobilize crowdfunding via Kickstarter to commence serial production of this innovative product in May 2022." Serial production is scheduled to commence for the second half of 2022 in Europe and Northern America.

Unidice team
A unique dice requires a unique team: Physicists, civil engineers, game developers and business economists, ranging in age from 24 to 58, located from Lake Constance via upper Franconia to Berlin. All proud of being part of that cool digital dice Startup!

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