VersusPoker Brings the Fun and Flexibility of At-Home Games Online

Online destination for the weekly group poker game is now available for virtual play

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ Saritasa, a leading custom software development and technology company, today announced the completion of a new web development project for VersusPoker, the ultimate private-game poker platform. VersusPoker was launched as an online destination for players to have that in-person poker experience online and for streamers, both professional and amateur, who want to give their games a televised feel.

Versus Poker is the brainchild of Paul and Jack Wasserman, the father-and-son team that sorely missed their weekly poker nights during the pandemic. After searching in vain for an online platform that would let them challenge family and friends, the Wassermans decided to develop their own online gaming platform.

What makes VersusPoker different from other online poker platforms is it is structured to host private poker games online as a social, visual experience. Central to this is the audio and video avatar that shows all players at their table positions simulating a live gaming experience. Dynamically changeable blinds, antes and timers also allow players to customize all aspects of gameplay.

In addition, as long-time gamers and card players, Paul and Jack know the importance of statistics in poker; both to help one become a better player and also to use as a cudgel to abuse your friends. That’s why natively integrated, deep and persistent statistics were critical to them. VersusPoker players are able to see exactly how much money they’ve won or lost against every other player, their VPIP, PFR and Continuation Bet percentages, biggest pot won, how much money they’ve lost by folding the best hand, and even how many times they got “screwed” on the River! These statistics, and many others, are persistently tracked, viewable and separated into cash and tournament-specific reports.

“No platform existed that allowed players to replicate what it is like to play poker in an in-person setting,” said Paul Wasserman, co-founder of VersusPoker and co-founder of (formerly “We designed VersusPoker from the ground up to capture that “live” feeling of playing with friends. In addition, as avid gamers, we added stream-centric features like the Versus Heads-Up Showdown, so both players and viewers alike feel as if they’re watching a professionally televised game. That’s why we created VersusPoker with technical support from Saritasa. They had the technical chops to pull it off.”

The site currently offers Texas Hold’Em, but there are plans to add additional games.

“When Paul and Jack came to us with their concept for a private poker site, we were thrilled at the challenge. Poker is a complex game – an online version is even moreso.’ said Nik Froehlich, CEO of Saritasa. “I truly believe VersusPoker now has the best online poker platform on the market. We look forward to expanding VersusPoker and adding new games, features, and functions.”

The Early Access version of VersusPoker is free-to-play as developers solicit community feedback.

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About VersusPoker

VersusPoker was created by a father and son team, Paul and Jack Wasserman, when their love for playing poker and the realities of Covid-19 collided. After fruitlessly searching for an easy-to-use poker website that brought together all of the best aspects of playing an in-person private game, the duo created their own platform featuring integrated audio and video and the ability of the host to customize all aspects of the game just as one can do when playing in-person. As the development of VersusPoker continues, its mission became the creation of a flexible foundation that would enable the addition of different game types and game features as the company and the player base grow.

About Saritasa

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