Web3 Global Leader, Subnation Taps CYPFER As Cyber Security Advisor

Leading gaming and digital IP firm, Subnation, employs the formidable cyber intelligence of CYPFER for enhanced cyber security

TORONTO and MIAMI, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Daniel Tobok, CEO of CYPFER, has been engaged as Cyber Security Advisor for Subnation, a world renown gaming, Web3 advisory and technology company based in Manhattan, New York.

“Given the trajectory of growth and popularity in the gaming, Web3, and technology industries, it would be expected the enormous commercial opportunity comes with enormous threat,” says Tobok. “The market opportunity inside the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency stands at over $2.5T, while gaming is $185B and the creator market is over $143B,” shares Tobok.

Subnation is a gaming and Web3 advisory and technology company focused on building platforms and investing in intellectual property (IP) that bridges physical and digital interactions, transactions, and communities. Subnation’s demonstrated work is fueling innovation across media, entertainment, retail, hospitality, and commerce with global iconic brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nascar, Atari Hotels, Mythical, and Fred Segal to name a few. Subnation has provided Web3 advisory services to iconic brands and institutions such as Mastercard, Hollister, Fox, Chevrolet, and Vans.

According to Forbes, the Web1 era enabled us to access information across the internet. The Web2 revolution gave society the tools to read and “write” information through content production and management. Web3 is one iteration further: authenticated ownership, community, and activity is now possible. The numbers support bullish feelings on growth: Market research estimates the global Web3 market to reach USD$81.5T by 2030, registering a CAGR of 43.7% during this forecast period.

“A great challenge for this growth, however, will undoubtedly be cybersecurity threats to Web3 applications,” says Doug Scott, Subnation’s founding partner and Chief Strategist. “Web3 technologies are being hailed as a new era of innovation for cybersecurity. In tomorrow’s Web3 world, individuals have control over their data where hackers can’t alter information stored in decentralized systems by design. Smart contracts don’t allow for doubt surrounding the ownership of virtual (and physical) assets. Your uncrackable “seed phrase” safeguards your crypto wallet, keeping your money safe. This is non-negotiable and this is a welcome challenge for today’s threat actors – that’s why we need the best to navigate the future of risk,” concludes Scott.

“We are excited for this new realm of developing opportunity,” says Tobok. “With new innovations comes new risks and we are delighted to offer our brain trust, strategic thinking, and proactive planning to Subnation,” concludes Tobok.


CYPFER is a market leader in ransomware post-breach remediation who provides 24/7 service to businesses, organizations, and governments any time on a global scale. CYPFER combines deep experience in structured, exceptionally creative and threat intelligence enriched negotiation techniques to deliver results that far surpass markets statistics for cyber-extortion and ransomware events. Their expert team of cybersecurity professionals works with several prominent global insurance carriers, leading law firms and Fortune 1000 organizations.

CYPFER’s core services include:

Founded in 2019, CYPFER is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The company employs 100+ people around Canada, USA, Caribbean, and UK, with plans to grow to 200 in 2023.

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