WeDiscoverGeeks Says Goodbye to Make Room TheGeekGrid Studios

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa., Jan. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Coming from a military lifestyle as a military brat turned wife, Kat Mahoney was used to moving and changing. Even while raising three kids 17 months apart, two with Autism, a husband who deployed annually, and moving every four years, Mrs. Mahoney learned how to overcome difficult and challenging situations when passion and people are the driving goal.

“At the beginning of 2020 we had events, parades, meetings, travel, and projects planned every weekend,” Mrs. Mahoney said. “Then COVID19 hit and our calendars were wiped clean and even our largest event, STEAMFest was cancelled. Our funding was diminished, my Interns were gone, my contractors hit a wall, and I found myself in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack,” she explained.

But it wasn’t the money that Mrs. Mahoney was worried about most. “I had become a mentor and a friend to many of those interns and contractors and I wanted to help them cope,” she informed. “When I was in college back in ’92, I overcame my issues through video games and cosplay, which is what led me to Computer Science. So, with my background and experience, I created The SteamDragons Gaming Division within the company. The SteamDragons are gamers, streamers, and Esports players all over the world who edutain and mentor online while continuing our focus of STEAM Education and life skills.”

However, the company was viewed as an Entertainment Hub, a place people went to for entertainment or cosplayer. This was not the company’s focus and they did not want to move into an economic recovery with that perspective.

With a new team, from as close as Lehigh Valley to as far off as South Africa, the company expanded and added skills to their services, including Game Development, Graphics Design, Video & Photo Editing, Multimedia Streaming, and Film Production. These services, along with their Workshop Lessons and Event Management, have moved the company beyond what they were viewed as and because of this, WeDiscoverGeeks re-branded as TheGeekGrid Studios. You can find the full re-branding interview, along with all the added services, new partnerships, workshops, and social media at  

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Kat Mahoney, Owner & Visionary Director

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