White Rabbit Express Unveils a New Name, Logo and Platform in a Complete Brand Overhaul

YOKOHAMA, Japan, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Japan proxy-service pioneer White Rabbit Express today announces the completion of an extensive rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and a renewal of its product vision.

White Rabbit Express was launched in 2005 to make buying from Japan simple and easy. The company is committed to eliminating the friction that overseas buyers typically encounter in the Japanese market by handling all cross-border payments, communication with sellers, inspections, and shipping on their behalf. After a recent period of rapid growth, it now serves customers in 130 countries around the world from a distribution center that has grown 20 times in size since 2017.

Reflecting the company’s vigorous growth, the new brand name is shorter, punchier and more precisely descriptive than its predecessor. It foregrounds the company’s unique selling point—its mastery of proxy-buying in Japan—while retaining all the equity built up in the word "Rabbit" over almost two decades. The Japanese aspect of the brand is further reinforced through the adoption of Rising Sun Red, a dynamic and eye-catching color associated with the Japanese flag.

The rebranding serves as the visual expression of the achievement of new levels of scale and service quality. Japan Rabbit is launching with a completely redesigned and re-engineered interface and backend that provide customers with a host of new ways to better manage their orders and packages. The new platform combines innovative features, playful branding enhancements and the company’s traditional high levels of customer service* into what is a delightful user experience overall.

As part of the rebranding, Japan Rabbit will also launch a community site in late July 2022. The aim is to create a space for people to connect, swap information, and build relationships around a shared love of Japanese products and cultural interests.

Commenting on the Japan Rabbit rebranding, founder and CEO Max Hodges said "It’s a significant milestone for the company. Global eCommerce from Japan is accelerating, and the new brand and evolving positioning perfectly illustrate our growing ambition in the market."

New Features of the Japan Rabbit proxy service

The Japan Rabbit shopping cart can retrieve product images, titles, and prices from submitted urls, reducing the effort to create an order. Items from different shops are organized into separate carts, making managing orders easier. Customers can specify an allowance for incidentals like domestic shipping, sales tax, and payment fees, reducing delays and back-and-forth communication. The Japan Rabbit Wallet simplifies order adjustments by reducing the number of payments and refunds.

Blackship.com forwarding service customers can shift Japan Rabbit packages to their Blackship Mailbox for consolidated shipping. Dozens of additional features, add-ons, and enhancements were created to further reduce friction when buying from Japan.

About White Rabbit Japan

White Rabbit Japan is working to elevate eCommerce between Japan-based sellers and overseas buyers. Our flagship products, White Rabbit Express and Blackship serve a global market of businesses and individuals in 140+ countries. We combine exceptional customer service and innovative technology to make buying from Japan as easy as possible.

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